Whole lambs as well as choice lamb cuts such as racks, shoulders, loins, bone-in and boneless legs are always in stock. A similar variety of mutton, including bone-in and boneless legs, 6 piece mutton, shoulders, and shanks are also available. We carry a wide variety of goat products, including 6 piece goats, skin on and skin off goat cubes, skin on and skin off whole goat carcasses, burnt goat heads and scalded goat feet. All of our products are certified Halal.


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Throughout its history,
New Horizon Foods, Inc has rigorously kept its focus on providing a complete range of the highest quality, competitively priced, meat, seafood, and deli items.



Average Weight
Whole Lamb Frz Aust 35/36 Lbs
Whole Lamb Frz NZ 25/30 Lbs
Whole Lamb Domestic n/a
Lamb Shoulder Racks
Bone in Lamb Legs Aust 30 lbs
Bone in Lamb Legs Short Cut NZ 30 lbs
Boneless Lamb Legs Aust 35 lbs
Boneless Lamb Legs NZ 30 Lbs
Boneless Lamb Legs Domestic n/a
Frenched Lamb Racks 12/14 25 lbs
4 Rib Frenched Shoulder Racks 30 lbs
Lamb Sirloin 30 lbs
Ground Lamb Flank 10 lbs
Lamb Oyster Shoulder n/a
Lamb Shoulder NZ 40 lbs
Lamb Shoulder Cut 40 lbs
Lamb Shank Cut 40 lbs
Lamb Shank Whole 40 lbs
Lamb Shank Hinde 16/18 Aust 40 lbs
Bone in Mutton Leg 40 lbs
Lamb Brain 30 Lbs
Lamb Feet Burnt 40 Lbs
Lamb Feet 40 Lbs
Lamb Tripe 10 Lbs
Lamb Kidney 10 Lbs
Lamb Head 10 Pcs
Lamb Flank 10 Lbs
Ground Lamb 10 Lbs
Boneless Lamb Loin SS/off 8-10 Oz 20 Lbs
Frenched Lamb Racks Cap off 16/18 20 Lbs
Foreshank 10/14 Oz Aust 40 Lbs
Lamb Tenderloin 20 Lbs
8 Rib Frenched Rack 26/28 Aust 30 Lbs
Frozen Whole Lamb 30/35 Lbs
Average Weight
Gyro Sliced Devanco 4/5 Lbs
Gyro Cone 4/10 Lbs
Chicken Patties
Beef Franks
Chicken Franks
Veal Chuck
Mutton Legs Boneless 30 lbs
6 Piece Mutton 30 lbs
Mutton Shoulders
Mutton Shanks
Whole Goat
6 Piece Goat Skin On
6 Piece Burnt Goats
Skin off Goat cubes
Skin off Burnt Goat Cubes
Burnt Goat Heads
Scalded Goat Feet
Boneless Lamb Legs Kirkland 30 Lbs
Domestic Bone in Lamb Legs Sto 40 Lbs
Prices are subject to change without further notice
Halal Products